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Single-Wall Pipe Fittings

Springfield Plastics is recognized as a leader in the production of quality corrugated plastic pipe drainage fittings for single-wall pipe.

The single-wall pipe fittings are manufactured from plastic pipe, eliminating the need for special adapters to be used to fit the pipe. A full line of single-wall pipe fittings is available to complete the most critical part of your drainage system.

Gravel-Less Leachfield Fittings

Our gravel-less leachfield fittings (adapters and tees) are manufactured to the highest standards in the drainage industry. The fittings can be fabricated to individual requirements allowing for fast installations. Fittings are one of the most critical parts of a gravel-less leachfield system. We offer a multitude of gravel-less leachfield fittings to complete your residential septic system leachfield.

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