Riser Inlet Pipes

Riser inlets from Precision Intakes are available in 6" through 10" diameters.

These risers are the most user-friendly risers in the drainage market today. We also have 12" risers and heavy-duty trash guards available.

Riser Inlet Pipe Options

Risers Product Details

ProductSize (In Inches)Description
68536Top precision
68546Bottom precision
68556Tee precision
88538Top precision
88548Bottom precision
88558/10Tee precision
1085310Top precision
1085410Bottom precision
1284912Top HB
1285012Bottom HB
1285112Tee HB

Restrictors Product Details

ProductSize (In Inches)
68566 (stepped)
68576 (flat)
88568 (flat)
1085610 (flat)

Trash Guards Product Details

ProductSize (In Inches)
68046 (precision, HB, pipe)
88048 (precision, HB)
88058 (pipe)
1080410 (precision, HB)
1080510 (pipe)
1280412 (precision, HB)
1280512 (pipe)
1580415 (pipe)
1880418 (pipe)
2480424 (pipe)
3080430 (pipe)
3680436 (pipe)

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