Outlet Guards

We offer heavy-duty bar guards from Vice Brothers.

This guard is produced from cast aluminum with a bronze hinge. It is not susceptible to rust or corrosion and offers the landowner the best possible protection from rodents. Also available from Vice Brothers are backwater flood valves. This valve is a flap gate style, which is produced from heavy-duty cast aluminum. It serves two purposes: preventing rodents from going into the drain line and preventing backflow into the drain line from high stream flows.

Outlet Guard Options

Outlet Rate Guard Product Details

ProductSize (In Inches)
48004" (aluminum)
68006" (aluminum)
88008" (aluminum)
1080010" (aluminum)
1280012" (aluminum)
1580015" (aluminum)
1880018" (aluminum)
2180021" (aluminum)
2480024" (aluminum)
3680036" (zinc coated)

Round Drop-In Grates

ProductSize (In Inches)
93044" (aluminum)
93066" (aluminum)
93088" (aluminum)
931010" (aluminum)
931212" (cast iron)
931515" (cast iron)
931818" (cast iron)
932424" (cast iron)

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