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Slot Options

Slot selection makes a difference.

Choosing the correct slotted drainage pipe helps prevent and reduce sediment buildup in drainage tile to keep it working effectively and efficiently. We offer several slot and sock options for you to choose from to match your land's needs.


  • Used with clay and loam soils
  • 90% of tile systems use regular-slotted pipe

Target perforation length: 0.725"-0.800"
Target perforation width: 0.0475"-0.0600"

Ultra Narrow

  • For soil with low clay and organic matter
  • Helps keep sediment out of pipe

Target perforation length: 0.550"
Target perforation width: 0.012"-0.020"


  • For soil more prone to flooding, mossy soil, heavy peat, muck, lowlands, and river bottoms
  • Bigger slots reduce clogging

Target perforation length: 0.700"
Target perforation width: 0.310"


  • Fabric material that is wrapped around the entirety of the pipe
  • Prevents fine sand and silt from getting in pipe
  • Can be used with muck-slotted pipe

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