Ag Mains

Large-diameter single-wall pipe and dual-wall drainage pipe are the ideal choices for agricultural main lines (collector lines).

Springfield Plastics' large-diameter single-wall drainage pipe has superior strength combined with flexibility. The pipe is manufactured to have no brittleness at low temperatures. These characteristics allow the pipe to be installed at high speeds. Users have confidence after installation that their main lines are strong and have no cracks.

Springfield Plastics' dual-wall polyethylene drainage pipe combines a corrugated outer wall for exceptional strength and a smooth inner wall for outstanding hydraulic characteristics.

The high-flow characteristics and durability provide the landowner or drainage district with just what is needed in this application. The plastic drainage pipe is specially manufactured for this market in 8.5' lengths, which allows the contractor to install it at high speeds since the handling is easier and an extra long trencher boot is not needed.

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