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Get Help for Wet Farmland

A tile drainage system from Springfield Plastics manages water in the fields, giving you a longer growing season and increasing your yields.

Spring rain has not been kind to a few states this planting season. It's causing crops to be planted later and for some farmers it means replanting, which can get expensive.

When you remove the excess water from your fields with a tile drainage system, you can plant earlier and get higher yields due to improved soil moisture conditions.

Springfield Plastics offers the highest-quality drainage tile available. Made with 100% virgin resin, our drainage pipe provides improved flexibility, no cracks or soft spots, no blowouts, and integrity throughout the pipe. That's why Springfield Plastics tile is stronger and more durable than tile manufactured from recycled materials.

Don't let rain and extra water get in the way of your planting. Contact Springfield Plastics today to start your tile drainage project and take advantage of the complimentary design services we offer all of our customers.