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Springfield Plastics, Inc. single wall plastic pipe
Plastic pipe maxi coils are available in black or white color.

Springfield Plastics, Inc. corrugated polyethylene drainage pipe and fittings are manufactured for underground drainage applications where soil support is given to the flexible walls.

The use of single wall plastic pipe is only recommended where drainage water is free of debris and floating material.

Its major use is to collect and convey drainage water by open gravity. The plastic pipe is manufactured to the highest quality control standards only using high quality virgin high density polyethylene. The plastic pipe meets or exceeds the following specifications: ASTM F405-02 Heavy Duty, ASTM F667-02, AASHTO M252-02, AASHTO M294-02, SCS Drain Code 606.

Single Wall Pipe Product Details
Diameter (in inches):
3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24
Various from 10' to 3400'
See technical data sheet for specific sizes.
Types: Slotted, Solid, Leach
Coupler Style: Split, snap, internal
Color: Black, White
Filter Wrap Available: Yes
Technical Data:
Technical Data Sheet
Installation Guide
Agriculture, Highway, Residential & Commercial
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